Funk Soul Badger - Funny and Humorous Greeting Cards

Say it like you mean it folks! Serving you amusing & playful greeting cards since 2016

About Funk Soul Badger

As a company, we want to make people laugh when they open an envelope. Even though Funk Soul Badger is a relatively new company, we know what makes people smile. The greeting cards that we provide do that, and because of this they’re incredibly popular. If you want to bring some joy into the world, purchase a Funk Soul Badger card and pass it on to your nearest and dearest.

Funny Cards for Happy People

We like to think that you’re not a grumpy, overly-sensitive sort of person without a sense of humour. If you were, you’d hate what we provided, and we wouldn’t have a business. However, because you’re a happy person who loves tongue-in-cheek cards, we’re actually quite lucky. Make everyone as happy as you with a card from Funk Soul Badger.

A Card for Every Occasion

There’s a card for everyone, even if you know someone who hates receiving cards for their birthday. These include:

Do You Require Lots of Cards?

On occasion we have fulfilled wholesale orders for business customers and large bespoke orders to Event/Wedding planners and organisations. If this is something you may require please send us an email with your requirements and desired quantity to